What We Do

Mental Health America of South Carolina works diligently to ADVOCATE for those suffering from mental illness, those that cannot fight the battle alone. Through our own initiatives and through collaboration with others we help clients navigate the mental health system and keep mental health a priority for our elected officials working to affect public policy to improve the delivery and quality of treatment.

MHASC works to EDUCATE all South Carolinians, adults and children, both public officials and private citizens alike to promote good mental health, raise awareness and reduce the stigma associated with mental illness. MHASC conducts trainings and campaigns, sponsors conferences, participates in national initiatives and works closely with schools, churches, corporations and even small businesses to insure that our mission is met.

MHASC is privileged to SERVE those suffering from mental illness by providing evidence based programs that can improve their quality of life and speed their recovery. Affordable housing and essential psychosocial and vocational rehabilitation programs are just some of the services MHASC provides.

Advocacy, Education, Service

It’s What We Do

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