National Awareness Campaign

National Awareness Campaign

National Depression Screening Day

Each October during Mental Illness Awareness Week, MHASC and its affiliates host mental health screenings across South Carolina in participation of National Depression Screening Day, a program of Screening for Mental Health. This educational campaign is designed to call attention to the illness on a national level, educate the public about its symptoms and effective treatments, offer individuals the opportunity to be screened for depression and anxiety disorders, and connect those in need of treatment to the mental health system. Screenings can be held just about anywhere such as churches, schools, work places, community centers or city parks.


May is Mental Health Month

MHASC and its affiliates observe May is Mental Health Month every year through media events, health fairs and screenings.  The goals of this educational campaign are to build public recognition about the the importance of mental health to overall well being, inform people of the ways that the mind and body interact and to provide tips and tools for taking positive action to protect mental health and promote whole health.


In addition to the above campaigns, MHASC and many of its affiliates often participate in other important national observances such as National Suicide Prevention Week every September and Mental Illness Awareness Week in October. If your organization would like to schedule an event for these or any other mental health campaigns, or if you would simply like more information and find out how MHASC can help with your event, contact your local MHASC affiliate or Jean Ann Lambert