Client Support

Client Support

Bridges Clubhouse In Columbia, MHASC offers a Clubhouse program in partnership with the Lexington Mental Health Center. Bridges offers an array of psychological, social and vocational programs, housing assistance, and case management services in a family oriented atmosphere to assist recovery. The Clubhouse is run through a fountain house model where everyone is involved in a unit. There are four units at the clubhouse, the kitchen unit which purchases, prepares, and cleans up for lunch everyday. The snack bar unit, which runs the snack bar program, also purchasing, selling, overseeing inventory, keeping records. The maintenance unit whichcleans, maintains, and oversees the property, and the clerical unit which does all the billing, maintaining, and Medicaid for every client. These units are used to build skills that the recovering mental health client needs in order to achieve independence and re-enter the work force. For more information on Bridges clubhouse please contact MHASC Clinical Director, Kayce Bragg at



Our Place Clubhouse In Charleston, MHASC offers Rehabilitative psychosocial group interventions tailored to client’s individual goals and needs.  Some group topics include coping skills, wellness, recovery, interpersonal skill building, forming positive relationships and practicing personal hygiene and safety.  The life skill development groups work together on different activities that foster independent living skills  Leisure skill activities are designed to help alleviate depression, stress and anxiety.  For more information on Our Place clubhouse please contact MHASC Program Director, Andrew Frankel at